Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We are still here!

Yes, we are still here and are doing well!! It was a very busy summer but we had a lot of fun. Now we are welcoming the fall and enjoying the ever so slightly cool weather . . . . . what a blessing.
Since my last post we have . . . . . . . said good-bye to a wonderful uncle who lost his battle with alzheimer's, watched with smiles as Isabel began "school" for a few hours each day, traveled to Chicago, laughed as Isabel milked a cow, began the daunting task of potty training, started a new 2 year old class at church on Wednesday night, began a ladies Bible study on Wednesday night, started aerobics, spent some "girl time" while daddy was on a golfing vacay with Lance and Poppy and so on and so on. We've had a lot of fun!!
I promise to post again soon . . . . . . . for now, enjoy a few pics!