Friday, May 29, 2009

Tour of Homes!

My mom made this lamp . . . . . isn't it adorable!

This is the rocking horse that caused the busted lip, she still loves it though!

Isabel loves her "babies"!

This is what we often find in Isabel's room.

Its show us where you live Friday at Kelly's place ( and today's room is the nursery. I just love Isabel's nursery and so far, she seems to love it too!! Its almost exactly what I had envisioned and it has always been so very peaceful.

I will NEVER forget the very first time that I nursed Isabel in her room after coming home from the hospital. I sat in the green chair, turned on her lullabies and prayed over her while she nursed, for the very first time at her own home and in her room. It was incredible and is a very cherished memory!! I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the anount of love that I felt for my precious daughter. Thank you, God, for blessing us so abundantly!

I've included quite a few pics because I also wanted to show off some of the clothes that my mom has made for Isabel. Yes, she sews and is very talented and, no, I don't very often have to buy ANYTHING for Isabel . . . . . we are very fortunate to have Mimi!

Enjoy the pics and see you next Friday!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Those dreaded words!

Can you tell that she loved her sausage biscuit? . . . . . . a Saturday morning treat!

So very unhappy about having to get off of daddy's bike!

Well, she did it! I went to pick Isabel up from "school" yesterday and what did the teacher tell me? Yes, she bit a child. Apparently they were fighting over a book and Isabel decided to get what she wanted, one way or another. Needless to say, I was devastated. She's not even there very long . . . . . can't they just all get along? And I know, its not really that big of a deal and no blood was shed but when you start to see the true sin nature coming out of your precious little girl, its just a little heart-breaking. I mean, we try so hard to protect our children and to teach them to love and respect all people and then they go off and bite their friend because they aren't getting what they want. Oh geeez, the joys and trials and ups and downs of parenting. I did make sure that Isabel's teacher made her apologize when the incident occured and before we left, Isabel apologized to her teacher and told her that she loved her. Now, how do I teach Isabel to really love people and to have a heart of compassion?
Aside from that, its been a pretty good week. We took Isabel out for her first bike ride and she loved it. You'll notice from the pics that she was not very happy about having to get off. She would have ridden for hours I believe!
We are looking very forward to a calm and relaxing weekend at home and I hope we have some great weather for this Memorial holiday.

I've also included a few pics from our visit to Scott's mom's in New Orleans last weekend. We had a fun time and Nan was excited to visit with Isabel while daddy made a few house repairs.

Have a great weekend and a fabulous Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day!

I hope all of you mommies out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! I did!

We traveled to Augusta, GA to spend the weekend with my parents and it was a lot of fun. We shopped, ate, swam, walked the river walk, ate some more and shopped some more.

Sunday was beautiful and though it started off kind of hectic (I woke up late), it was really a great day. I managed to shower and dress for church in 30 minutes, yes, 30 minutes and mom and I made it to Sunday School just in time. Okay, so we were a few minutes late but they were still going over the announcements. She really wanted me to go with her so that I could meet her ladies' class and I'm glad I went, they all seemed really great. Dad and Scott met us for church after SS with Isabel and we attempted to all attend service together BUT, having a 17 month old in church isn't always easy. So, mom and I left with Isabel, took some pics and got lunch on the table while dad and Scott enjoyed the service.

After Isabel was down for her nap, mom and I headed to Macy's to use the gift card that Isabel (mom) got me for Mother's Day and then we stopped by TJ Maxx, just to see what specials buys they had and I got a great dress for $16 . . . . . isn't that awesome?! Yeah, I was excited too!

The drive to and from Augusta is always long (8 hours with a 17 month old) but Isabel did remarkably well, especially considering that she slept very little during the ride. She was very glad to get back home and that was fun to watch!!

Thanks so much to Candice for watching my house and playing with my dogs while we were gone, what would we do without great friends?!

I have to say that I feel so incredibly blessed to be Isabel's mommy and even more blessed to have a wonderful, supporting, loving and compassionate husband by my side. He is a great spiritual leader for our home and I'm so thankful that Isabel has him to look up to because he sets a great example for both of us. He is amazing and so full of wisdom and discernment and I am so thankful that God brought us together and has made us the parents of our precious baby girl. We both cherish the responsibility that we have of raising Isabel and teaching her about the love of Chirst. One of my prayers for Isabel is that Chirst will ALWAYS be her very first love!

God bless and have a fabulous week!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday!!

You MUST check out MckMama's website . . . . . its a hoot! Literally! She is so incredibly funny and uplifting and is a very gifted writer. MckMama has been through a lot with her MSC (many small children) and I find the stories on her blog to be quite entertaining. Head on over to her site at and enjoy. BTW, her youngest child and his health is definitely and answer to MANY prayers lifted on his behalf! And she also has some great recipes.

Anyhoo, MckMama hosts a Not Me! Monday which is a lot of fun. Other bloggers can post about some embarassing things that they did during the previous week. Isn't that a hoot?! I mean, we all can use a little encouragement by reading about the goofs that other women experience, right? We are all human, after all!!

As for me, I did not walk outside to feed the cats in nothing but my robe (which is a short one) and bend over to pour out the food before realizing that I was, in fact, outside in broad daylight in, as I mentioned, nothing but my robe, my short robe. No, I didn't do that, NOT ME!

Have a great Monday!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tour of Homes

Kelly ( is doing a Friday Tour of Homes and this Friday's room to showcase is the kitchen. I've attached pics of our kitchen . . . . . . hope you like it.

A little background, our home was completely destroyed during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. After a long year of being displaced and rebuilding, we finally moved back into our home in Spetember of 2006. While it was a horrible experience to lose everything, I am thankful for our remodeled home. Its not a mansion, but it sure is "home" to our little family of 3 and we love it!

Our kitchen and great room is where much of the daily action takes place. Many meals are prepared in our kitchen and we love to have friends and family over for food, fun and laughter.