Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We are still here!

Yes, we are still here and are doing well!! It was a very busy summer but we had a lot of fun. Now we are welcoming the fall and enjoying the ever so slightly cool weather . . . . . what a blessing.
Since my last post we have . . . . . . . said good-bye to a wonderful uncle who lost his battle with alzheimer's, watched with smiles as Isabel began "school" for a few hours each day, traveled to Chicago, laughed as Isabel milked a cow, began the daunting task of potty training, started a new 2 year old class at church on Wednesday night, began a ladies Bible study on Wednesday night, started aerobics, spent some "girl time" while daddy was on a golfing vacay with Lance and Poppy and so on and so on. We've had a lot of fun!!
I promise to post again soon . . . . . . . for now, enjoy a few pics!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A new sandwich

I just have to share my new sandwich idea with everyone, although I'm quite sure its not original. As a wife and mother, I have the nutritional health of my family in my hands and I take is very seriously. I am the one who does the food shopping and preparation for my family and because the are going to eat what I buy and prepare, I am always looking for new ways to prepare healthy, nutritious and balanced meals. Isabel is a really good and healthy eater and I sincerely hope that I have given her a decent start in life as far as her health is concerned. On that note, I "created" a sandwich yesterday that was REALLY delish! First, I made a homemade avocado spread, put that on 2 slices of 100% whole grain, whole wheat bread and topped it with 2 slices of fresh tomato and a few slices of fresh cucumber. Yummy!! It was very good and refreshing and healthy. I've listed the avocado spread recipe below. Try it and enjoy.

Easy Avocado Spread

3 ripe avocados (a super food), peeled and mashed with a fork
2 tbsp minced garlic (great for the body)
a handfull of grape tomatoes, quartered
4 tbsp tahini (very nutritious)
a dollop of sour cream
a dash of lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste

Just mix it all together and enjoy as a sandwich spread or as a dip with fresh veggies. We also ate it with organic blue tortilla chips. Its REALLY yummy and very healthy!



Zeke taking a ride!

Isabel playing dress up while mommy was cleaning out the closet.


Isabel and Mimi!

July 4th, on the way to a cookout with friends at the beach and fireworks.

Chillin at the lake with Poppy.


Ready for dinner after a long day on the water.

I love this pic . . . . . . "hmmmm, a new book!"

Reading with Poppy!

She LOVED the tube and screamed when we got off!

Its been a pretty busy summer so far . . . . . I can't believe we are almost to the end of July. We have had a lot of fun and are continuing to enjoy the beautiful blessing of summertime. While it is often waaaaay too hot down here in the South, nothing is better than a summertime cook-out with family and friends! And we have had several . . . . . .so much fun!!

A few quick updates . . . . . . . Adrianna had her surgery on Monday to remove her tumor and so far, she is doing okay. She was to be in a medically-induced coma for 3 days because of the pain and then hopefully she'll start the road to recovery which will include more radiation and treatment. I continue to pray for healing for precious Adrianna. Along those lines, mom and I attended a benefit auction for Adrianna in Franklinton, LA last Friday. We went in support of my friend Kristi (our pastor's wife who organized the whole event) and though we were interested in seeing the many items to be auctioned we had no plans of making any major purchases. Well, can I just say that my mom, of all people, bid on and purchased a 14 week old maltese puppy that she has named Zeke!! He is the cutest, sweetest little thing. She has wanted one since we bought our first one in 2003 and I guess the timing was right! Soooo, not only did we leave the auction with an adorable little puppy but my mom also made a pretty decent contribution to the "Angels for Adrianna" fund! It was a good night!! ;0)

On another note, Scott, Isabel and I are flying to Chicago next month to visit with Scott's brother. While we are very excited about the trip, I am getting a little anxious and nervous. To be honest, I have never loved flying and now I am getting on a plane with my adorable little, strong-willed 20 month old. Oh Lord, please help us all!! Any suggestions on making the trip go as smoothly as possible?? Sheeeesh!

And about Isabel, what is she up to these days?? Well, she will be 20 months old on the 27th and she is quite the firecracker! She LOVES to say "stop" and I am trying to put a STOP to that. She has amazingly figured out how to unlock and work Toto and Lance's Iphones . . . . . . how can she do that? She is a little fish when we swim and likes to jump in and go under water, whoa! She LOVES for her daddy to put her to sleep at night. She eats TONS of cottage cheese and that is the best way to hide stuff that she doesn't like, not that there is much that she won't eat. She has taken to sleeping with mommy and daddy which doesn't bother either of us but we both know that its a bad habit. What to do?? She would live outdoors if we would allow it and she loves to swing. Her daddy bought her a baby stroller for her dolls and she told him all day that day, "tank you daddy, stroller." How sweet is that?? She adores her baby dolls and takes very good care of them and is quick to let me know to "shhhh" when they are napping. Oh, I could go on forever . . . . . Oh yeah, one last thing, she really likes to read Bible stories from her Bible story Bible and she loves to dance! I love that little girl!

I've included a variety of pics from different events . . . . . . Enjoy!!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Show us where you Live Friday!!

The were some delicious frosted sugar cookies that
we gave as treats with a note attached that said,
"Thank you for coming to my party, your friend, Isabel".

Treat bags for the little guests.

The theme was bunny rabbits, which we love
and these were yummy little frosted cakelettes.

The table of sweets!!

The birthday girl with her birthday dress!

More food!

Daddy grilling burgers as Poppy and Uncle Lance

Isabel's little cake to dig into!! That was fun!!

Kids taking turns of the swing.

The fun part!!

Kelly is still doing her "tour" over at and this Friday is Children's Parties. I decided to jump in on this one because I just loved celebrating Isabel's 1st birthday. And can you believe that she will be 2 in ONLY 4 months. I just can NOT understand how that happens?? Make the time slow down.

Well, I've included some pics from Isabel's party. It was just a family/friend get together at home but she had a ball!! I'm not sure what we are going to do this year. I was thinking about having her party at the beach park so the kids could have tons to do BUT, her birthday is in November and though we live on the Coast, SOMETIMES its chilly in November. Then again, we are wanting to get Isabel a swingset for her birthday so wouldn't it be fun to have it at home and surprise her with the swingset out back?? Any suggestions??
Have a great weekend!!