Friday, April 24, 2009

Pondering Prayer

Have you ever thought about the purpose of prayer? I have been pondering this for a little while now. I follow McMama's blog and she had a great post earlier this week regarding the same topic.

The question is, if God knows ALL things, even before they happen, then why should we pray? I mean, since God already knows the outcome of the situation for which we are praying, then what is the use? That's a good question, right? Should we assume that we might be able to change God's mind by our prayers? But again, God knows all things so wouldn't He know that He was going to change His mind, and again, what would be the point of praying because God already knows what decision He is going to make?

As I pondered these questions, I thought about several things . . . . . one being my love for my husband. Scott knows that I love him, he just knows it. But don't you think that he likes to hear me say those words? Think about it.

Also, as disciples, we are called to live a life that models Christ and Christ, himself, prayed to God the Father while here on earth. Not only did He pray himself, but He encouraged His disiples to pray.

Luke 18:1 Then Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.
Okay, so if Jesus himself prayed and taught His disciples about the importance of prayer, can't we gather that it was IMPORTANT?

I also have been thinking about my prayer life. About the difference it makes when I go into my bedroom, close the door, and get on my knees before God. I can pour out my heart to God about anything and everything that is on my mind and then I stop. I stop to just feel God's presence and to be quiet and hear from Him. I stop and I ask Him to meet with me. That moment is sooooo powerful and I can feel God's presence so clearly with me that I sometimes think if I open my eyes, I will see God sitting there in front of me. And He is there!! Isn't that amazing?

And what about those specific prayers that we pray for healing, safety, health, etc. Yes, God knows ALL things but He desires for us to bring our requests before Him, He desires to hear our voices calling out to Him. He desires to hear us say that we love Him.

Ephesians 6:18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayer requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for the Lord's people.
Colossians 4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray continually
So prayer, is it important? Yes! Is it a necessity? If you want to deepen your relationship with Christ, then Yes!! Its a necessity! I don't know what I would do if I didn't know that I could meet with my Lord, daily. What would I do if I didn't have the faith that I have, knowing that He hears every word from my mouth and my heart!! He truly is an awesome God and so very worthy of our praise!!

If you've never taken the time to find a quiet spot, a place where you won't be disturbed, to be alone with God, to pray to Him and to just sit in silence and beg Him to meet with you, you should. Its absolutely amazing to feel the presence of God Almighty. And don't feel that you have to offer up some long-winded prayer full of big, impressive words. That's not what God is looking for. He just wants to hear your heart. He wants to hear you say that you love Him and He wants you to invite His presence to sit with you . . . . . . will you?

Have a great, prayer-filled weekend!
BTW, you'll notice Isabel's busted lip in the pic. Well, the little dare-devil was rocking too high and too fast on her rocking horse and she took a nose dive, head first over the front and onto the hardwood floor. It was just awful!! There was blood everywhere!! I'm soooo thankful that her daddy is calm during disasters!
The other pics are from the zoo and the park!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A precious Prayer!

Yesterday, April 15th, while in the middle of Walmrt, we received a call that my 11 1/2 week pregnant sister-in-law was bleeding and headed to the emergency room. Talk about being scared. My husband drove over right away and as soon as we got home from Walmart, mom headed over. I was planning to just hang out with Isabel and wait for some news. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I'm not good at sitting and waiting. So, Isabel and I loaded up and headed to the hospital. On the drive over, I explained to Isabel what was happening and that we were going to check on Toto and her baby. Ofcourse, she had no idea what I was talking about but she listened intently. So, to make a long story short, the baby is fine, Toto is fine and she has strict orders to take it easy and get lots of fluids. She went to see her Ob doc this morning and he said the same thing. They did a 3D ultrasound and the little squirt was bouncing around as normal!! Praise God Almighty!! And I must add that Isabel has been asking to say a "bessing" for Toto. "Bessing", by the way, is blessing, which we say when we eat, and maybe in her young mind she already understands that we can talk to God! So sweet and such a precious prayer!!

God Bless!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So much to say!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but we've been really busy!

It started with the Beth Moore conference in New Olreans on April 3rd and 4th which was absolutely incredible! She is so amazing and so anointed. Can she just come live with me be my cheerleader? Seriously!!

We had a great group of ladies from our church and we spent the Friday night at the JW Marriott on Canal Street. After Friday night's service, we headed downtown for Cafe DuMonde . . . . . yum, yum!! Saturday morning we headed back to the conference center to hear more from God's word through Beth.

Not only is Beth amazing but the praise team with Travis Cotrell is, well, wow! Talk about ushering us to the feet of God through praise and worship . . . .!

Its so incredible to feel the presence of God Almighty in a room of more than 6000. To feel Him so personally in such a large arena! If you haven't yet experienced a study with Beth Moore, you should. God has blessed her tremendously and gifted her with a platform to reach out to women. I was truly blessed.

While there, I bought one of Travis' praise and worship cds and when I got home, I still had so much worship in me that I needed to release. Sooooo, Isabel and I went into my bedroom, closed the door, turned the music up loud and just let loose dancing, singing and praising our awesome God! It was such a sweet time!

You know, we don't have to teach our children to dance to music, its something that they do when they hear the beat. Why? Because we are born with a desire in us to "praise" and to "worship". Its just in us and we have to let it out! I pray that Isabel is unashamed to worship our Lord. Sometimes, especially in our more traditional "Southern Baptist" churches, we can begin to feel stifled when it comes to worship and we need to be able to just be alone with God and praise Him for ALL that He is and ALL that He has done for us and continues to do!! My baby girl raised her hands in the air and had the best time dancing with mommy!! May we never stop enjoying the praise and worship of God Almighty!!

BTW, her daddy was at a church leadership conference in TX that weekend with the students, that's why there is no mention of daddy joining in on the dancing!! He did get a glimpse when he got home though!!

The next week was spent preparing for my dad to arrive for Easter. Mom was already here and will be here throughout April visiting with Isabel. We are so blessed to have her here with us and Isabel and her Mimi are big pals!!

Dad arrived on Thursday and we had a very busy weekend. We grilled burgers at Lance and Toto's on Friday, had dinner with relatives Friday night, went to the NOLA zoo on Saturday (which Isabel loved), dyed eggs Saturday night, went to our Easter services on Sunday, had Easter lunch, hid and hunted Easter eggs at home after lunch and then hid and hunted Easter eggs with some more family after that! See, I told you we were busy!

Besides all of the festivities, we did take the time to sit with Isabel on Easter morning and read the resurrection story to her from the Bible. Yes, she's still young and doesn't understand but atleast she is hearing the Word at home. It is very important to Scott and I that we raise Isabel with a true meaning of the holidays and why we celebrate.

Also, mom and I watched The Passion on Saturday . . . . wow! No matter how many times you see it, its still hard to watch. And though we watch a recreation of the accounts on tv, we will never fully understand the price that was paid for US!! I was just sick to my stomach, literally. I don't deserve it, at all. None of us do and yet He still died for us and He continues to love us. Christ died, but the grave was not the end of the story!! He conquered death, for you and for me, and we must die daily and LIVE for Him! This is a truth that I pray Isabel will see lived out at home.

I hope your holiday was as blessed as ours!

Enjoy the pics!

**I must add for my own remembrance purposes that Isabel named each animal that we saw (after we told her what it was) and said goodebye to each as we walked away. "Bye, bye amingo (flamingo), bye bye orilla (gorilla), bye bye agator (alligator)." It was too sweet. Also, when we saw the leopard, he was sitting in the bushes. When we left there, we headed to the ice cream stand for a quick treat and what did she do? She leaned into the shrubs and called "lepee, lepee" which is what she calls the leopard. She was looking for him. It was precious!!