Friday, August 13, 2010

The Happenings . . . .

Its been a great week this week but I am also glad that today is Friday, even though it is Friday 13th. Why am I paranoid about that? Could it be because my brother and I always watched those horrible horror movies when we were growing up?? We would sneak into the living room (because we didn't have televisions in our rooms) late at night on Friday the 13th with snacks and we would stay up late watching the silly movies. Okay, so it was a little fun, but I now I really don't like Friday, the 13th!! And today has been incredibly yucky with lots of rain, thunder and lightening . . . . ugh! Oh well, its games inside today with 2 precious little girls.

So far we've had a good week . . . . . kinda slow but good. Our good friends Cissy and baby Reid came over for a play date on Tuesday and the girls had a great time. While here, we discovered that the Disney site had published the new 2011 rates so we were able to get some quotes on our upcoming trip. We are planning a big vacay to Disney in the Spring with the Ormon family and all of my family . . . . . should be lots of fun. If we can get the right price that is. We'll see! I'm already soooo excited. And then on Thursday we spent the morning at Monkey Joe's with some other great friends and it was a lot of fun. After jumping, we headed next door to Chef Scott's Noodle House. That was our first time there and it was really yummy. I think we may head there for dinner tonight . . . . . yummo!! All in all, its been a great week.

My highlight for this week was when I was getting breakfast ready for the girls and I turned around to see Isabel holding Claire's hands and trying to teach her how to say the blessing. It went something like this, "Thank you God, for, for, for, Claire, thank you for blessing, amen". Isn't that just wonderful??!! I love it! I can't even begin to imagine what God has planned for these 2 precious children and I can't wait to see. Soooo exciting!

Well, currently, while I type this post Claire is screaming her head off because its almost time for her morning nap. So, I need to run put the sheet back on the crib mattress and let this little blessing get some rest.

Happy Friday the 13th to everyone!

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  1. Didn't even remember today was the 13th, but that is ok because God is good and is blessing us everyday. Reid did well at the doctor getting his shots. Can't wait to see yall tomorrow for his birthday party. Enjoy your time with your precious girls.