Friday, August 13, 2010

Many Thanks!

While I've already posted this morning, I was struck as I sat here at the computer and heard the sweet voice of my precious 2, almost 3 year old daughter talking to her babies in the living room. I am soooo very thankful for her life, for her health, for her happiness but most of all for my Lord and Savior who allows me to spend these moments with her. I acknowledge the fact that there are so many parents who would give anything to celebrate a 3rd birthday, cheer on as their child "teetees" on the potty, clean yet another mess, comb rats out of hair, comfort a cranky toddler . . . . well, you get what I'm saying. And for all of these seemingly mundane tasks, I say thank you God! Thank you for the breath that you allow me to breathe and for the little eyes that are watching everything that I do . . . . may those eyes see a glimpse of you in ALL that I do and may I be blessed enough to watch as she grows and discovers who you are and the plan that You have for her. Motherhood is such a gift and I am sooooo incredibly thankful for the little hands that are patting me on the leg as I type and the little voice that is begging me to help her poopoo on the potty.

Thank you God Almighty for your incredible gift!

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