Monday, August 16, 2010

Post of Pics . . . . .

This post will be mostly pics from our weekend. We had a great time and we enjoyed celebrating Reid's 1st birthday with him . . . . . fun party! We used to call him Baby Reid but we can't do that anymore. Anyhoo, the pics are mostly for my friend Cissy, Reid's mom, so enjoy.

Aside from the party, we dinner at Chef Scott's Noodle House on Friday night topped off with some frozen custard and sno-balls from Quakes. On Saturday, before the party, we got started on the "Great Sullivan Home Organization Project" of 2010 . . . . . long overdue and I'm so happy to be on our way to a neatly organized home! Oh, the things that make me happy . . . . . I'm OCD like that. And then we had some great services at church on Sunday. Scott preached at a local church for both services and he enjoyed that as well.

Enjoy the pics . . . . . some are of Isabel ready to help her daddy on Saturday morning, some of the party and then some of Isabel and Claire saying the blessing this morning.

Have a great Monday!

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