Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Precious Minds

So last night, I'm sitting in the living room and Isabel walks up to me and says, "mommy!!" while pointing to her panties. She had teeteed in her panties, uh oh! I said, "Isabel, we aren't supposed to teetee in our panties, we are supposed to use the toilet." To which she so sweetly replies, "weeeeellllllll, God wants me to teetee in my panties." Okay, seriously, how was I to keep a straight face?? It was hysterical . . . . . . oh, if I had taken a picture to capture the look on her face as she tried to convince me that God really did want her to teetee in her panties. It was simply adorable. Even more precious than her words, to me, was her heart. She really thought that it would be okay that she had teeteed in her panties if she could get me to believe that it was what God wanted her to do. Yes, I understand that she was "telling a story" and I did explain that to her but the fact that her 2 year old little mind can comprehend that there are things that God does and does not want us to do was, well, is incredible to me.

Never underestimate the mind of a child!! They understand much, much more than we give them credit for and there is no better time than the present to teach them about God and what His plan is for our lives. Isabel knows, at 2 years old, that God has a plan for each of us and that we are to do what He instructs us to do . . . . . . even as simple as teeteeing in our panties or on the toilet!

Oh, those precious little minds. May we be reminded that they are absorbing everything that we say and do.

Have a great Tuesday!

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