Monday, August 2, 2010


It has been a fabulous summer so far but where did the time go??!! It doesn't last long enough but we did at least make some great memories.

Isabel and I traveled to the lake in June with Toto and Claire to meet mom and Aunt Linda for a few days of "chill time" and it was great. My cousin Staci met us there with her 3 boys and we had a blast tubing, swimming, boating, etc. I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to visit and relax.

In July, we went to the beach in Perdido Key for a week with all of my family and oh man, it was wonderful. The weather was gorgeous, the water was breath-taking and we all really enjoyed the time together. While there, we went "goofy golfing", had ice cream and snow balls, shopped, had dinner and even went on our first sail boat ride . . . . fun stuff and pics are below. Not only did we have a great time but we were able to get some great pics, possibly even our Christmas card pic for this year, in the adorable outfits that mom made for the girls. And oh, how blessed are we that my mom is so very talented and giving of her time to make so many incredible outfits for our girls! Thanks mom!!!!!

Besides the trips that we have taken, we have also spent our days jumping with friends at Kangarooz, bowling and shopping at Target and swimming.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to stay at home with Isabel and spend so much quality time with her. She is such an amazing little girl and I don't take one minute with her for granted.

Oh, and starting today, we are keeping "Claire Bear" each day for my brother and his wife. Let me just say, life is very busy but oh so fun. Watching Claire and Isabel interact is very entertaining. They adore one another and I just pray that they stay as close and lovey as they are right now.

Enjoy the pics and we'll be back soon . . . . . . .

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  1. Love the post so glad to see you back on your blog. At the end of the year you can print it out and they will bind it in a book for you and you will have your scrapbook of your time at home with Isabel.