Monday, August 30, 2010

The Simple Things

We've been having fun . . . lots and lots of fun!

The weekend was great, for the most part, for all of us.

Friday night was "Girls' Night" for some of the young girls from my church. We try to get together once a month just for some chill time. We all bring food, we eat, we fix each others hair, we give massages, we tell embarrassing stories on ourselves, we eat some more and we just have a really good time. So, I did that on Friday night while Scott and Isabel had a "date night" together at the high school football game. It was a yucky night but all was well when Scott took Isabel shopping for rain boots and a poncho before the game . . . . boy, were they a hit!! She and her daddy stuck it out for the whole game, in the rain, and had a great time. They even dined on pizza and skittles . . . . . now that's what Isabel calls fun!!

Saturday morning, Isabel and I woke to the wonderful smell of "panny cakes" that daddy had cooked for us. After breakfast we headed to the farm to feed Mr. Darryl's goats and cows and to go fishing at his pond. By the way, does anyone have any idea just how long a cow's tongue is?? Yeah, well, neither did I until I walked right up to the cow and began to give her a piece of bread. Holy cow (no pun intended) that cow had a long tongue and I was quite grossed out when the slimy thing touched my hand. But no fear, I quickly learned how to lay the slice of bread on the tip of her nose just right so that she could get it with ease. It was quite fun and Isabel had a blast!! Grady, on the other hand (our springer spaniel) wasn't so sure about the farm animals at first but he did warm up pretty quickly and he, too, had a ball. I wasn't so thrilled that he enjoyed walking and rolling around in all of the horse poo that was everywhere. Oh well, he enjoyed it none the less.

We also went fishing and though this mommy absolutely despises buying crickets just so that they can be attached to the end of a hook and sacrificed to the fishies, it does do my heart good to watch my precious darling shriek with delight each and every time she reels in a fish. It was great fun and Isabel was thrilled to report to her mimi and poppy, immediately after leaving the farm, that she had "fished better than daddy" because she did, in fact, catch more fish than him. And is it a bit ironic that we snacked on fried fish as we were fishing?? Funny, huh??

Anyhoo, friends came over for a visit Saturday afternoon and played in the tent . . . in the living room. They did leave just in time for my ugly stomach bug to show up and torment me with a vengeance until about 4 am Sunday morning. Ugh. It was awful!! Scott and Isabel slept in the guest room as I was up and down, barfing, all night long. At least it didn't last very long and I was still able to cook a delicious roast for Sunday lunch. Lance, Toto and Claire joined us for lunch and after we finished eating we released the lucky crickets that escaped death on Saturday and then it was time for our nap. Oh, the joy of Sunday afternoon naps!!

All in all, it ended up being a pretty good weekend!!

Today, we've played at the park and the girls are now down for a nap so its nice and quiet . . . . for a little while anyway. But oh, I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY!!! And tomorrow we have a swim date with friends. Yay!!

Enjoy the pics (although none are from the farm b/c I totally forgot my camera!!),

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