Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life . . . . . .

Life is good! We've spent our days playing, feeding the ducks, reading books, learning to write our name (that would be Isabel), having play dates, building tents and just loving the last days of summer. And as you can see from the pics, we've spent a few nights playing in our tent . . . . . in the living room! Fun, fun times and priceless memories. We are looking forward to the cooler weather so that we can put our tent to use in the great outdoors rather than in our living room. Won't that be fun??

Scott took me to dinner this past weekend to celebrate my birthday. We went to a local Japanese restaurant for sushi and it was delish. After dinner we headed to Quakes for some yummy frozen custard to top off our date night. Isabel was at my brother's but we ended up having to go get her by 10:00 that night because she was crying for us. Though its a slight inconvenience to drive to Ocean Springs late at night, it is nice to know that she would rather be at home cuddling with mommy and daddy . . . . . . . and I love it!!

On our way home from dinner on Saturday we saw the most beautiful rainbow! It was incredible! I was in awe of God's creation, I mean, how in the world can you explain something like a rainbow?? How can anyone deny that there is a God?? I was sad that Isabel wasn't with us to see it but I did take a few pics, which do it no justice at all.

My mom will be here in a couple of weeks and I am so excited to get to spend some time with her during the days . . . . . . yay for moms!!

And thanks to Shellie for bringing a fabulous birthday dinner including corn on the cob, which Isabel LOVED!! Love you Shellie!!

For now, its time for Claire's morning nap, Bible story time with Isabel and then breakfast clean up . . . . . . . so,

Have a wonderful day,

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